The planet Cybertron is home to Cybertronians both the Autobots and Decepticons. It is also the source of Energon.


This is Cybertron during The Great War


The Birth of CybertronEdit

In the beginning there were two deities, Unicron and Primus. Unicron would be the incarnate of destruction and Primus would be the incarnate of regeneration. For millenea they were in a battle between who stands, and who falls. Primus created the 13 original primes and defeated Unicron, leaving him in space his fate unknown. Primus then made himself the planet Cybertron, with him being the core or the spark.

The Golden AgeEdit

This was the era of peace, most of its history is unknown. It was when Optimus and Megatron where not enemies and everyone was on the good side, Until on when Megatron demanded the Matrix of Leadership form the Autobot High Council. But Optimus had a heart of peace so he told that their must be no war but only peace. So Optimus had a speech for the High Council.The Council was amazed by Optimus's words, so the High Council made Optimus the Next Prime.With Megatron in fury, he created an army with the assistance of Soundwave, called the Decepticons. Optimus made an army called the Autobots which fought them to bring peace to Cybertron. Thus beginning the Great War.

The Great WarEdit

This was the time where the Autobots and Decepticons fought each other. It lasted for many years with millions of deaths. Not much is known, other than the Cybonic plauge and Cybertron becoming a wasteland. Some events that happened was when Megatron infused Dark Energon into Cybertron's core

The Great ExodusEdit

It was when the war became so intense Cybertron became uninhabitable. Making both Autobots and Decepticons find a new home.

Future GenerationsEdit

Race to the Omega LockEdit

While the Autobots where on Earth, they where finished on looking for the Omega Keys and are ready to go to Cybertron. While on the Nemesis, the Decepticons intercepted a transmission from the Autobots which sad their going to Cybertron. Later, the Autobots finally set up the Omega Lock and was prepared to Revive Cybertron Until the Cons made it to the Autobot Forces.

Return of CybertronEdit

After a Rough battle against the Con forces, Cybertron has returned finally. But the Predacons have also returned a while later with some of the other cities which have been Devestated. 

So FarEdit

While on Cybertron, the Autobots,Decepticons,and Predacons have their cities with their command bases. But So Far the Factions which stand, their fate is Unknown until one of those forces are destroyed.