Episode GigatronEdit

Episode Gigatron robot

Episode Gigatron Robot Mode

Episode Gigatron alt

Episode Gigatron Alt Mode

Faction Predacon Specialization Heavy
Rarity Ultimate Rare Class Command
Sell Price Unknown Max Level 150
Max Level Bonus Attack +60% Trans-Scan Bonus Attack +30%
Quote Deadly and Dangerous, Gigatron used to be a once proud Predacon until he accidently executed one of Predakng's friends. So now banned from the Predacons, Gigatron now leads an army of his own kind in a large trench. Now he wants a taste of Revenge against old leader.But if he's angry, he changes is Energon flow to Darkness and his color to Red and Purple.
Attack Health Defense Total
Robot/Alt Card Basic 9534 8298 4985 22817
Robot/Alt Card Max Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Trans-Scan Max (MTM) 80469 61345 22982 164796
Robot Locations= Countdown to Doomsday Alt Locations= Countdown to Doomsday Signature Weapon