Event KickbackEdit

Event Kickback robotEvent Kickback Robot Mode Event Kickback altEvent Kickback Alt Mode
Faction Decepticon Specialization Ranged
Rarity Rare Class Assault
Sell Price Unknown Max Level 50
Max Level Bonus Attack +30% Trans-Scan Bonus Attack +15%
Quote As the leader of his own squad of DECEPTICONS, KICKBACK is more independent than most of those under the command of MEGATRON. He uses his freedom to surround himself with "friends", who he then blackmails into becoming his servants.
Attack Health Defense Total
Robot/Alt Card Basic 1508 3541 312 5361
Robot/Alt Card Max 4112 8581 1220 13913
Trans-Scan Max (MTM) 6990(7402) 14588(15446) 2089(2211) 24937
Robot Locations= Harvest of The Insecticons Alt Locations= Harvest of The Insecticons Signature Weapon