List of Gameplay ChangesEdit

Day of the Dinobots (Part 1)

  • Level 6 and 7 raid bosses

Robots in the Sky

  • Removed level 7 raid bosses
  • Four instead of three raid bosses
  • Double/Triple exp for upgrading and credit selling cards
  • Gold Episode Weapon Medals

Unleash the Beasts

  • Ruby Crystal Medal for top 30
  • Max amount of reward bosses is 1
  • Added Transmetal and Weapon Upgrading material
  • Only one character receives x2 bonus, instead of all Super Rares

Cold Delivery

  • Raid cards' signature weapons are shields

Countdown to Extinction

  • Three raid bosses instead of four at the start of the event
  • The 4th boss appeared at the middle of the event

Predacons Unleashed Part 1

  • First appearance for Ultimate Platinum Warrior Medal
  • Ruby Crystal Medal for the top 10,000
  • Appearance of Level 8 and 9 bosses
  • x40,x32,x30,x22,x19,x4,x2 episode raid cards bonus appeared
  • Ultimate Rare raid boss and card

Day of the Dinobots (Part 2)

  • Five raid bosses instead of four
  • Ultra rare raid boss and card
  • x10 episode raid card bonus appeared
  • Tier episode space bridge introduced
  • Appearance of the X1-level bosses

Heavy Metal War (Part 1)

  • Four raid bosses instead of five
  • Both forms of x3 raid card are in episode rewards
  • Appearance of the X2 level bosses

All Hail Galvatron

  • Appearance of level 7 bosses

Return to the Space Bridge

  • x15 episode raid card bonus appeared
  • Appearance of Level 10 and 11 bosses
  • Appearance of X3 level bosses
  • Special Ruby crystal medal for top 200
  • 8 bosses on event

Predacons Unleashed Part 2

  • Ultimate Rare boss on the 3rd day
  • 2 weeks event
  • All SUPER RARE and ULTRA RARE for top 4,000
  • Appearance of Level 12,13,14,15,X4,X5,X6,X7
  • Appearance of Ultimate Rare Boss

Battle of the Cosmos

  • Boss cards' signature weapon are Dark Star sabers.
  • Raid cards' signature weapons are Star Sabers.
  • Appearance of Level 16 and X8.

Predacons Unleashed (Part 3)

  • First Apperance of Ultimate Rare Raid Boss

Rise of the Kaiju

  • New side Kaiju joins in.

War Dawn

  • MVP bonus increased to 4x
  • Boss Episode

Covert Operations

  • Evolution Cards
  • Energon Cloned boss

Rage of the Dinobots

  • Evolution Events end
  • Apperance of Level 17,18, and X9

Rampage of the Seekers

  • All Raid bosses which were not Ultra Rare, is Ultra Rare instead of Super Rare